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Before its too late..

Efie in a traditional costume from Imljiani, Bosnia
Efie in a traditional costume from Imljiani, Bosnia

Because of her youth, full of Balkan music and dance, Efie developed a big passion for the cultural heritage of former Yugoslavia. She has been performing in the Netherlands for years with dances and songs from the Balkan, completely in costume. In 2017 she even danced for 3 months with 'Veselin Maslesa', a folklore ensemble from Banja Luka, Bosnia. 

She likes to listen to the stories from the passioned Dutch people of the generation of her parents. They speak about the big events and folklore groups in the Netherlands and the beautiful trips they organised to Yugoslavia. The stories are 20-40 years old and unfortunately time has changed a lot. More and more dance-groups are disappearing and folklore-festivals that no longer exist in the Netherlands. 

But also in former Yugoslavia, a lot has changed. That is why Efie started an investigation about the history, the present and the future of this folklore, that she will capture with this documentary. She will travel through former Yugoslavia, in search for answers. It will show a beautiful image of this rich folklore, but also gives an answer to her question: What will be the future of the cultural heritage of former Yugoslavia?

My Borrowed Heritage
Expected: DEC 2019
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